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July 21st, 2013
Montlake Branch Library, 3pm

1. Committee decision
2. ZAPP communications contact
3. Portland Zine Symposium
4. Benefit @ The Black Lodge
5. Shunpike Update
6. Legal Representation
7. Leads on Spaces?

1. Committee Decision
The committee decided on ⅔ majority vote, however they are at a deadlock:
3 votes Option 1, Dream ZAPP (going for it)
3 votes Option 2, Dream ZAPP with Training Wheels (SPL consignment and going for it)
1 vote Option 4, Donate the collection to SPL

From here, the committee has decided to open up the voting process to the volunteers. Voting privileges go to those who have volunteered for at least one quarter (three months) and are actively involved with ZAPP.

It was also discussed that a conversation with SPL is in DUE ORDER to pan out the logistics of Option 2 to make a more informed vote, especially to quell any thoughts that allowing the move to SPL ruin the collection in any way or slow our momentum. The committee is contacting Jodee Fenton (of SPL Special Collections) immediately, hoping to meet before August 1st to get some questions answered.

Questions to ask SPL:
what are the conditions of leaving the ZAPP collection there on consignment?
are there any other examples of projects or organizations that have been under consignment with SPL prior to ZAPP? what was this like?
what kind of access to the collection?
will this be different to ZAPP committee or volunteers?
what kind of maintenance will go into this on SPL’s end?
Archival boxes, cataloging, a title list?
what are the main differences between temporary and permanent housing?
would SPL weed or censor the collection in any way?
can ZAPP collaborate with SPL librarians for programming around the collection?
how long will SPL expect to hold the collection?
what if we want it back sooner?
what happens if we are unable to pick it all up in time?
what is SPL/Jodee’s perspective on how this consignment process will work?

An email will be sent shortly after this interview to all voting volunteers. Volunteers will make a more informed run off decision between Option 1 and Option 2.

2. RHH Communication Breakdown
RHH has expressed some frustration at the amount of people sending emails and scheduling meetings. It has been decided that the ZAPP email ( will be the only digital communication point, with scheduled physical meetings with one ZAPP committee member to clear up the confusion.
From this point on:
Heath will be the point person for all email communication.
Emily will be the point to person for all in person meetings.

If you have something you’d like to add to an email update or anything you’d like to have brought up at a meeting with RHH, please contact Heath ( or Emily (

Audrey offered up her services on the RHH Digital Initiatives Project to remind the RHH to respond to our communication as well.

3. Portland Zine Symposium
Saturday, August 10 (10-5) and Sunday, August 11 (10-4)

Tyler so graciously got us a table! Hell yeah!
(Remy, this is a reminder to ask Michael about RHH reimbursement)

Tyler, Emily, Heath, Madeline, and (tentatively) Remy and Rose plan to attend.
If you would like to tag along and sign up for a volunteer post, please contact the ZAPP email to sign up. Transportation is limited, but Bolt Bus is amazing.

4. Benefit @ The Black Lodge
Carey is booking up the venue for a ZAPP fundraiser! All proceeds/donated supplies go to ZAPP. This will happen sometime around September or October. Just a heads up!

Know of a writer? A comic? A band? An artist of any kind? that would like to read, display or play this gig? Let us know!
Suggestions from this meeting thus far:
Elissa Ball to read, tarot card readings afterwards
Chastity Belt to be added to the set

5. Shunpike Update
Emily has been actively collecting information on Shunpike and uncovered these facts:
A subscription for Shunpike is $50 per individual person. Since ZAPP would really only need a few from the committee, Emily is thinking $150 per year will be sufficient.
The money to cover this annual Shunpike coverage could be funded by the withstanding 4Culture grant still at the RHH. If we receive any funds from donations/fundraising events after signing up with Shunpike, all money can be handled by our annual coverage benefits.
What we’d like to know prior to signing up to Shunpike:
How long is the process to get coverage?
What would this mean to RHH?
Where would the money go?

Since Emily and Karly have been in cahoots to discuss with RHH about these two topics, they will send these questions through the ZAPP email (from Heath) to clarify our assets.
Heath will also make RHH aware of the three options we are considering (volunteer voting on Option1 and Option2, Shunpike representation) so that communication and intent are clear from this point onward.

6. Legal Representation
Katherine/Charlie asked if we had considered legal representation -- Charlie offered Ben Kerr as an option. ZAPP sends him an overview of what is happening thus far, Ben provides advice and offers up his services pro-bono.

Nora suggested we retain a STAUNCH paper trail, but to definitely start the conversation.

7. Leads on Spaces?
Jon had communication from a former school, but was not there to clarify. Charlie knew about this conversation: incredible location, $1.80 per sq. ft. spaces. We would need to test the water.
Youngstown Cultural Arts Center in Delridge is also an option
community art programs, if there is a spot in the gallery we could have a show/potentially retain a space from them for ZAPP. We would also need to test the water here too.

SUNDAY, AUGUST 18th, 2013
3 PM.


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Meeting Minutes -- ZAPP COMMITTEE MEETINGS Empty Next meeting?

Post by vcorvid on Sun Aug 18, 2013 6:46 pm

Hey everyone,
I was at the Montlake Library today (Sunday August 18th) from 3-3:20 but no one else was there. Did the meeting get changed? When is the next meeting?


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